CIESM Workshop Monographs
No. 12 - Fishing down the Mediterreanean food webs ?

Kerkyra, July 2000
99 pages
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I - Executive summary
edited by Kostas Stergiou and Nicholas Polunin
1. Introduction
2. What is a trophic level?
3. Estimating TLs
4. How should TLs be used?
5. Priorities for future research

II - Workshop communications

- Estimates of trophic level in the red mullet Mullus barbatus: a comparison between gut-contents and stable-isotope data.
Fabio Badalamenti, John K. Pinnegar, Nicholas V.C. Polunin and Giovanni D´Anna

- Zooplankton biomass and fish production in the Adriatic.
Adam Benovic

- On fishery status, the precautionary approach and sustainability: does a role exist for «trophic level» reference points?
Joseph Catanzano and Stephen Cunningham

- Relations trophiques et peche en Algerie.
Abdelhafid Chalabi

- «Pandora´s Box» in fisheries: is there a link between economy and ecology?
M. L. Coelho

- Biological reference points and natural temporal variability in Mediterranean fish populations.
Jean-Marc Fromentin

- Influence of fishing on the trophic structure of fish assemblages in Mediterranean seagrass beds.
Mireille Harmelin-Vivien

- Fishing effects on trophic structure of rocky littoral fish assemblages.
Enrique Macpherson

- Tuna purse seine fisheries and their offshore pelagic ecosystems.
F. MŽnard, F. Marsac, and A. Fonteneau

- The deep-sea fishery of the Balearic Islands and the trophic level of the exploited resources.
Beatriz Morales-Nin, Joan Moranta, Nicholas VC Polunin, Enric Massuti, and Joan Cartes

- State of Mediterranean resources in relation to their sustainable management within the «Precautionary Approach to Fisheries». Recent initiatives and proposals to fill the gaps.
Pere Oliver

- Ecosystem management and sustainable fisheries: implication on marine food webs.
Costas Papaconstantinou and Mary Labropoulou

- Approaches for dealing with three sources of bias when studying the fishing down marine food web phenomenon.
Daniel Pauly and Maria Lourdes Palomares

- Classification of the stocks according to their exploitation status. The case of the data-poor stocks.
Pilar Pereda

- Trophic-level dynamics inferred from stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen.
Nicholas V.C. Polunin and John K. Pinnegar

- Fishing down the marine food webs in the Hellenic seas.
K.I. Stergiou and M. Koulouris

- Assessment of the ecological footprint of fishing in the Catalan central coast (NE Spain).
Sergi Tudela

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