CIESM Workshop Monographs ©

This collection of CIESM workshops on emerging issues by key experts in their field, was launched in 1997. Some fifty volumes have already been published, presenting syntheses of the topics discussed. Details of their contents can be accessed by clicking on the meeting locations. You may download the complete volume beginning with number 8.

  CIESM Archives

     • Historic Records of Marine Fauna (1927 - 1935).

     • Historic data from Soviet cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean (1987-1990).

     • Joint IOC / CIESM Workshop on Ocean Sciences in Non-Living Resources (1990).

     • Joint ICES / CIESM Workshop to Compare Zooplankton Ecology between the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic (2010).

     • Joint IOC / CIESM Report on Physical forcing and physical/biochemical variability of the Mediterranean Sea (2012).

     • Joint ICES / CIESM Workshop on Mnemiopsis Science (2014).

     • CIESM Congress Proceedings (1960 - present).

     • Symposium on Lessepsian Migrations (1984).

     • Workshop Reports on Mediterranean Pollution (1972, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984).

     • Guide of Fish Larvae in the Mediterranean (1992, in french).

     • A CIESM Summary Report for the European Parliament (1994) - with technical Annex

     • Mediterranean Water Mass Acronyms (2001, CIESM Committee on Physical Oceanography).

     • Deep Sea Research II (2008)

     • Sochi International Conference on East West Cooperation in Marine Science (2014).

  CIESM Atlas of Exotic Species

A series of five illustrated volumes, with a rich cartography and bibliography, covering Exotic Seaweeds, Molluscs, Crustaceans, Fishes - the latter with an entirely revised 2021 edition.

  Guide of Marine Research Institutes

This directory gives you practical information on 124 marine research institutes located on the Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts. Information includes types of equipment, library resources, courses and research orientations. The guide is restricted to marine research institutes located on the shore or very near which have full laboratory and / or oceanographic capacity.
Only those institutes for which up-to-date information was provided are listed.

  CIESM Atlas of Seabirds

This Atlas describes seabird species found in the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent marine areas.