Track migrating seabirds in real time with CIESM

Seabirds, highly threatened by global change, are now an integral part of CIESM research. Let's start with the migration of the Yelkouan Shearwater- a pelagic seabird endemic to the Mediterranean and Black Sea- on which so little is known. In late June, on a remote Croatian island, we equipped a dozen birds with extra-light satellite transmitters. So far 4 of them have left for their long journey - 2 way ahead in the Black Sea, 2 others (including a juvenile) in the Aegean, while the rest still fly around in the Adriatic. The front-runner has now reappeared on our radars in the north-eastern Black Sea, close to the Azov Sea - spawning grounds for millions of anchovies. Will the others follow or end their trip in Greek / Ionian waters?     Track them daily on the map … as long as our GPS transmitters resist.

Our 42nd Intl Congress (Oct. 2019, Cascais, Portugal) focused on Mediterranean / Atlantic exchanges

Find here a collection of reports, videos and photos capturing some of the best moments

Marine mammals & co now under UN watch
Satellite monitoring of Mediterranean salinity
East. West Intl. Conference
Sochi, Russian Federation
CIESM recommendations on submarine canyons
CIESM Charter on ABS and intellectual property of marine resources
Restoring Medit. Fish stocks
Marine Peace Parks in the Medbroad lines of CIESM proposal and full Monograph
Acid a bad trip for marine species
Some like it hot – or how Mediterranean marine species face global warming

NEW! Engaging marine scientists and fishers to share knowledge and perceptions
No 50 of our CIESM Series - a richly illustrated 218 pages volume - opens original perspectives on the lessons to gain on all sides by forging new alliances between marine researchers and fishermen. A must read.
CIESM Atlas on Exotic Seaweeds
Explore some of the 118 exotic species of the volume
CIESM Workshop Monographs  
   n°50    Contrasting perceptions of fishing & research worlds
   n°49    Bacterial Pathogens
   n°48    Marine Connectivity
   n°47    Submarine canyon dynamics
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Views of 2016 Congress
Our 41th Congress was held in Kiel at the kind invitation of the German Government
see reports, photos & videos

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