CIESM is served by a number of instances represented in the schematic diagram below:

    Science Council
(Sc. Chairs + DG)


This is the central decision-making body of the Commission.  Brings together once a year  the National Delegates of 23 Member States. Chaired by the President, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, assisted by the Director General.

  Advisory Committee

Advises on the strategic orientations of the Commission. Meets once a year.
Composed of the President, the Director General and nine National Representatives: five permanent seats allocated to Member States in Class E (France, Italy, Monaco, Russian Federation, Spain) plus four seats elected by the Board at each Congress for a period of three years (currently Egypt, Germany, Israel and Switzerland).

Is appointed by the Board to manage the overall work of the Commission. Pays particular attention to the coordination of all scientific issues and to the development of international cooperation. The post is held by Professor Frederic Briand.

There are six scientific committees, comprising Marine Geosciences, Physics and Climate of the Ocean, Marine Biogeochemistry, Marine Microbiology and Biotechnology, Living Resources and Marine Ecosystems, Coastal Systems and Marine Policies. Their Presidents are elected for a three-year term at each Congress and rely on the cooperation of over 7000 researchers based in Mediterranean marine institutes as well as northern Europe and oversea.

Seven/eight programs, each headed by a coordinator, monitor the changes or trends in critical parameters across the whole Mediterranean Basin.  They include at the moment Hydrochanges, JellyWatch, Marine Economics, MedGLOSS, Mediterranean Exotic Species, PartnerSHIPS and Tropical Signals.