CIESM Headquarters are located Villa Girasole, 16 bd de Suisse, in Monaco, hosting the offices of the Director General and his collaborators who compose a compact team of international specialists. This is where science policy and international programs are acted, where communication is managed, and where Board members regularly meet.

   Director General Office

Prof. Frederic Briand, Director General
Studied oceanography and economics at Univ. of Paris, then moved to the USA to pursue a Ph.D. (1974) at the University of California. Early career as Professor of Ecological Sciences in Canada, with field studies on the dynamics of marine systems in the north Pacific, the north Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea. Discovered a series of ecosystem 'markers' and invariants in the architecture of food webs - now a full research sector of its own, and published noted theoretical and empirical papers on complex systems.

After returning to Europe to lead multi-disciplinary programs in International Organizations (Unesco, IUCN), he was selected as DG of CIESM with the mandate to turn it into a modern organization impacting both marine science and policy. In concertation with the National Representatives the DG oversees the geographic development of the Commission, and is particularly involved in promoting cross-Basin and cross-sector initiatives through the Science Council which he presides. Editor of the ongoing Series of CIESM Research Monographs, he advises various international agencies, from GESAMP to the International Whaling Commission.

Monique McLaughlin, Administrative Assistant to the DG
Responsible for logistics, accounting, plus administrative management of staff matters.

  Director of Science

Prof. Laura Giuliano
Trained as a marine microbiologist, with a doctorate (1996) from the University of Marseille (France) followed by a PostDoc in Germany, Laura Giuliano has directed international scientific projects and published scientific articles in top international journals (including Science, Nature, PNAS) while serving as Guest Editor of various special issues (FEMS Microbiology and Ecology, Deep-Sea Research, Marine Biotechnology, Marine Genomics). Initially detached to CIESM Headquarter in 2004 from her position as CNR Research Director at the Coastal Marine Environment Institute in Messina, Sicily, Dr Giuliano returned to Italy for three years (2014-2016) as Director of IAMC/ CNR in Naples. She is now back full-time at CIESM Headquarters as Director of Science.

Senior Advisor to the Director General on the development of science and policy. Develops new initiatives at the crossroads between disciplines, from molecular biology to metadata analysis, with special attention to the marine biotechnology sector.


Dr Paula Moschella, Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
Ph.D. in marine ecology 2003, Univ. Southampton, UK; laurea (BSc, MSc) 1996, Univ. Genoa, Italy.
Dr Moschella leads the flagship CIESM Program on Tropical Signals, represents the Commission in international forums dealing with marine conservation, and directs every three years the CIESM Congress Team.

Dr N..., Oceanography and Global Change

Dr Michèle Barbier, Science Information
Ph.D. in Marine Molecular Biology 1996, Univ. Paris VI, France. Post-doctoral work with NOAA and Ifremer, followed by posting in Roscoff to manage the EU Network of Excellence 'Marine Genomics Europe'. At CIESM, Michèle is responsible for developing Headquarters capacities in screening recent developments in the scientific landscape.

Lionel Schutz, Institutional relations and fundraising
Graduated in geography from Univ. Jean Moulin, Lyon, France (1995) and from ESSEC Business School, Paris (2006). Large experience of project management in developing countries. Formerly general Secretary at the Monaco Ministry of External Relations. Follows relations with the host country; oversees institutional cooperations and fundraising operations at CIESM HQ.

Kaveh Rassoulzadegan, IT Officer
Software engineering specialist. Full stack programmer in charge of software development planning and production of database interfaces. CIESM web contents designer and servers' administrator.

  Research Assistants

Céline Barrier, Research Assistant
MSc in Marine Ecology, 2013, Univ. La Rochelle, France.
Statistical tools, in-house production of CIESM Monographs, communication via social networks

Annelyse Gastaldi
,  GIS specialist
MSc. on Geo-Systems, 2008, Univ. Nice, France.
Responsible of data sets' update and mapping

Farah Ouirghimmie, Research Assistant
Master2 Law of the Sea (2016), Univ. Bretagne Occidentale, France; Lic. Droit Public (2014), Univ. Tunis
Analysis of maritime law and marine governance