Lesser crested tern

Thalasseus bengalensis emigrata

Family: Laridae

Length: 43 cm
Wingspan: 88 – 105 cm
Weight: 185 – 260 g

Credit photo: Francis Yap


Appearance: medium-sized tern with a black cap, long yellow-orange bill and black legs. Grey upperwings, rump and central tail feathers, white underparts. In winter, the forehead becomes white.

Distinguishing characteristics: bill proportionally longer and more orange than Great Crested Tern. Grey upperwing (unlike Sandwich Tern).

Flight: agile flight with fairly quick wingbeats.

Sound: high-pitched grating « kreek » call.

Ecology and habitat

Nest: in a ground scrape on flat sandy beaches, low-lying sandy islands and sandbank.

Diet: mainly small pelagic fish and shrimps.

Behaviour at sea: forages by plunging headfirst into water from flight and emerging immediately with fish held in bill.

* This map indicates coastal nesting sites in the Mediterranean and adjacent Seas.

Distribution and movement

Breeding: this subspecies breeds on the southern Mediterranean coast on islands off the coast of Libya. Irregular breeding has also been reported in Italy, Spain, Greece and France.

Wintering: in southern Europe and Africa. 

Phenology: Laying: May-June; one to two (rarely three) eggs. Incubation: 21-26 days. Chick-rearing. Fledging: 1 month after hatching.


Global population estimate: 225,000 pairs in total (including the two other subspecies); the Mediterranean subspecies does not exceed 2,400 pairs.

Threats: illegal waterfowl hunting, habitat alteration, Illegal blast fishing, climate change, over-fishing, pollution, invasive or introduced species.

Protection level: Barcelona Convention: Annex II; African Eurasian Waterbird Agreement; Convention on Migratory Species: Appendix II; IUCN Red List: Least Concern.

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