Tracking migration of Yelkouan shearwater

This project aims to better understanding of the migratory movements of a species endemic to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the Yelkouan shearwater (Puffinus yelkouan), which are still poorly understood to date. For this, we use GPS-GSM transmitters allowing detailed live tracking without the need for recapture, and falling naturally from the bird after a few weeks of tracking.

In June-July 2022, GPS-GSM transmitters were deployed on Yelkouan shearwaters nesting in Malta and Tunisia. For the second phase of the project, a particular attention was given to the juveniles.

BLOG 2022 (live tracking)

In June 2021, GPS-GSM transmitters were deployed for the first time on adult and juvenile Yelkouan shearwaters just before they leave their colony in Lastovo Archipelago (Croatia).

BLOG 2021 (live tracking)