Taeniurops grabatus

Taeniurops grabatus

Common name : Round Stingray, Round Fantail Stingray
Order: Myliobatiformes
Family: Dasyatidae
Synonyms: Taeniurops grabata, Trygon grabatus
Misidentifications: Taeniurops meyeni

  • photo credit: Slebris

Short description

Large stingray. Strongly depressed body. Tail well demarcated from disc. Disc near circular, short tail with a membranous fold on the lower part up to the end of the tail. Obtuse snout. Dorsal surface with some denticles on the middle row until the tail spine.

Color: Grey brown or olive dorsal surface. Yellowish-white ventral surface.


  • Disk width (DW): 80-100 cm (max 112 cm)
  • Total length (TL): 150 cm (max 250 cm)
  • Weight: up to 84 kg

Swimming pattern: Undulatory locomotion.

video credit: Nature and Wildlife

Biology / Ecology

Feeds on bottom-living fishes and crustaceans.

Reproduction: Viviparous (aplacental viviparity with histotrophy).

Habitat: Neritic coastal species, in tropical and temperate water, on bedrock and sandy bottom. Benthic on soft bottoms from shallow water to 100 m (max 450 m deep).

Previously wrongly identified in the Red Sea (mistaken for Taeniurops meyeni).

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Disc near circular
  • Denticle along the middle row
  • Membranous fold on and under the extremity of the short tail

Myliobatiformes: No caudal and anal fin. Thin tail like a whip.

Dasyatidae: Batoids with depressed bodies.


Worldwide: Atlantic, from Bay of Biscay to Angola. Absent in Black and Red Seas.

Mediterranean: Quite uncommon; mostly recorded from the Gulf of Gabes and Levantine waters along the North African coast.

  • Occurrence: Frequent in Tunisia and Syria. Occasional/Rare in other areas.
  • Latest records: Cyprus (2019), Tunisia (2017), Syria (2012), Iskenderun bay – Turkey (1998), Tuscany – Italia (1997).

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Threats: Sometimes taken as incidental catches in artisanal fisheries.

Protection level:

  • Mediterranean: Data Deficient (IUCN 2016, last assessment: 2016)
  • Global: Near Threatened (IUCN 2021, last assessment: 2020)

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