Getting there
Other essential info


1. Congress package
Your registration badge will give you access to all Congress sessions, coffee breaks, host country reception and CIESM reception.

2. Visas
Do I need a visa to enter Germany ?
It depends on your nationality and the duration of your stay.
According to the latest information at our disposal, Nationalities which do not require a visa for stays of less than 3 months are:
EU Member States, Iceland, Switzerland, Israel, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand.

Please make sure to check the latest info - available in English and French - regarding visa requirements and exemptions on this webpage of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs - - or contact the nearest German Consulate.

3. Cancellation policy
Registration fees are not refundable.

4. Communication policy
Can I present more than one communication?
You can present a maximum of two presentations

Language of communications
Oral and poster presentations are accepted in English or in French

When should the posters be set in place?
All Congress posters can be set in place from Monday (12/09) afternoon 15:00 but no later than Tuesday noon (13/09), and remain in place at least until Friday noon (16/09).

What will happen in case of "no show" (author absent in Kiel)?
"No shows" in Kiel will lead to automatic withdrawal of the paper(s) from the official Congress volume that will be published after the conference.

5. Election of Committee Chairs - Call for Chairs (2016-2019) with 12 July deadline
Am I allowed to vote?
Any author, co-author and session moderator present in Kiel (except for National Delegates and CIESM staff of course) is encouraged to vote. Their name was automatically entered, upon their registration, on the electoral list of the relevant committee.

In which committee can I vote?
Voters may cast only one vote, in the committee most relevant to their current research sector and indicated as such on their on-line registration form.

6. Privacy
Your personal data (phone, address, etc.) will remain confidential and in no case disclosed to third parties.

7. Liability disclaimer to the 41st CIESM Congress
By registering to the Congress, the participants will release CIESM from any claims or any unknown, unforeseen losses, damages, injuries and liability and the consequences thereof, while travelling and participating to the 41st CIESM Congress in Kiel.