MedJelly – A new iPhone App being tested in the beaches around Barcelona
6 August 2012, CIESM News

In the context of its JellyWatch Program, CIESM in collaboration with the Barcelona-based Institute of Marine Science (ICM/CSIC) has developed a new Application, MedJelly, for the iPhone. The app is free (details here) and is currently being tested on the beaches of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. It allows anyone to record and report observations of jellyfish proliferations in quasi-real time and to check up for daily presence or absence of jellyfish of their favorite beach. In addition the user can get answer to frequently asked questions such as 'what should I do if I get stung by a medusa?'

The data collected are then 'scientifically filtered' and validated by the CIESM regional JellyWatch focal point, Dr Veronica Fuentes of ICM. If the test is successful, CIESM plans to apply it in other Mediterranean regions where this program is ongoing.