Hydrochanges Program: a new mooring station in the Southern Adriatic
13 February 2013, CIESM News

With the collaboration of CNR-ISMAR (Institute for Marine Science, Italy), a new mooring station is operational in the CIESM Hydrochanges Program. The mooring has been deployed in the Bari canyon for the long-term monitoring of dense shelf water cascading process into the Southern Adriatic basin. At present, the array is about 100m long and is equipped with a down-looking ADCP, an automatic sediment trap, a temperature logger, a recorder of temperature, conductivity and turbidity, and a single point current-meter. Mooring was working also between April 2004 and April 2005.

The details of the mooring station are:

Station name: BB
Depth: 606 m
Lat: 41°20'N
Long: 17°12'E
Date first deployment: 15 March 2010

Point of Contact:
Leonardo Langone, ISMAR (Italy)
Stefano Miserocchi, ISMAR (Italy)

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