Portugal officially joins CIESM
15 April 2004, CIESM News

To celebrate the adhesion of Portugal to CIESM, the President of the Commission - Prince Albert of Monaco - paid an official visit to Lisbon on 13 and 14 April. Accompanied by Frederic Briand, Director General of CIESM, Prince Albert held a series of meetings with several Portuguese high officials, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mme Teresa Gouveia (pictured here at the arrival of the CIESM delegation at the Palacio das Necessidades), and the Minister of Defence, M. Paolo Portas, who oversees the Portuguese oceanographic fleet.

photo: Joao Relvas / LUSA

During their visit to the Hydrographic Institute which leads the main national efforts in operational marine research, Professor Briand made a presentation to an audience of Portuguese oceanographers. He highlighted in particular the integration of high resolution maps of the sea bottom, the investigation of biological and oceanographic fluxes between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the geographic extension of invasive species, and the comparison of deep sea fauna, as priority axes of collaboration.

An official lunch, offered by the Prime Minister, M. Jose Durao Barroso, marked the end of the two-day visit which signaled a clear, common desire to strengthen links between a great maritime nation and the Mediterranean Commission. By virtue of its adhesion, Portugal becomes the 23rd Member State of CIESM.