Hydrochanges Program:
a new mooring station in the Antikithira Strait

March 2008, CIESM News


With the collaboration of HCMR (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research), the easternmost station in the CIESM Hydrochanges Program is now operational after a phase of testing. The CTD has been launched in the Antikithira Strait (between the Ionian and Cretan Seas), South Aegean Sea.

The details of the mooring station are:

Station name: Gramvousa
Depth: 918 m
Lat: 35.61
Long: 23.54
Date: 9 Nov 2007
Time: 22:20 GMT

More info on CIESM Hydrochanges Program, which measures in situ temperature and salinity in Mediterranean deep waters, a priority in the current context of global climate change.

R/V Aegaeo.

Work on deck on board,
preparation of CTD mooring.