The Presidents of the six CIESM scientific committees work closely with the Director General and with each other on strategic planning, on consolidating the scientific cooperation between marine researchers on both shores, in developing an active network, in strengthening interdisciplinarity, and in leading CIESM research Workshops. For the period 2019- 2022, the Committee Chairs elected by secret ballot during the Cascais Congress are:
   C1 - Marine Geosciences  

Luis Pinheiro
Geosci. Dept., Univ. Aveiro, Portugal


   C2 - Physics and Climate of the Ocean  

Katrin Schroeder

CNR-ISMAR, Venice, Italy


   C3 - Marine Biogeochemistry  

Marina Mlakar
Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia
   C4 - Marine Microbiology and Biotechnology  

Monia El Bour
Univ. Tunis and Carthage, Tunisia
   C5 - Living Resources and Marine Ecosystems  
co-Chair: Hichem Kara
Univ. Annaba, Algeria
co-Chair : Simone Panigada
Tethys Res. Inst., Milan, Italy
   C6 - Coastal Systems and Marine Policies  

Ernesto Azzuro
Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Rome, Italy