Data and monitoring centers

EurOcean: the recently created EurOcean Internet portal intends to be an electronic platform of communication and information for all European actors with interest in marine science and technology in Europe. Already, the EurOcean portal provides information in three main domains: marine research infrastructures, national and European RTD programmes.

Ocean portal: a high-level directory of ocean data and information related web sites, set up by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, linking to data bases and publications of national oceanographic centers.

Tide predictions: an excellent, new, page of the French Hydrographic Service; provides tidal predictions of the day for the main ports of the world. For the Mediterranean Sea, graphical predictions are available for some 40 harbors (select Zone 1).

72 hours wave forecasts models for the Mediterranean, Black and Aegean Seas, and for the global ocean, plus weekly SST images for four areas of the Mediterranean (including Black Sea), both developed by the University of Athens Ocean Physics and Modelling Group.

European register of marine species: the E.U. project has produced a register of marine species in Europe, linked with a bibliography of identification guides, register of taxonomic experts, locations of collections of reference specimens, and an information pack on European marine biodiveristy. The species register is novel in its geographic extent, range of taxa covered and use of the Internet for publication and networking. It aims to become a standard reference for marine biodiversity training research and management in Europe.

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Data and monitoring centers